Service Provider:

Efty Pay B.V., a private limited liability company incorporated under Dutch Law, having its registered office in Groningen, the Netherlands, and having its business address at Zuiderpark 17 (9724 AG) Groningen (hereinafter: the Service Provider);


The individual who or legal entity which has registered himself/herself/itself on one or more digital service platforms supported by the Service Provider by which domain names and other digital assets (hereinafter: Digital Assets) can be offered and accepted (hereinafter: the Platforms and each of them individually a Platform) as a seller of one or more of such Digital Assets (hereinafter: Seller);

Parties agree as follows:

Article 1 - Definitions, applicability Terms & Conditions

The terms used in this document with a capital have the specified meaning as described in the General Terms and Conditions of Efty Pay B.V. (hereinafter: the Terms & Conditions), the applicability of which have been agreed upon by Seller. Seller confirms that is has taken knowledge of and agrees with the content of the Terms & Conditions.

Article 2 - Appointment of Service Provider as Mandatary

Seller appoints the Service Provider as Mandatary, and the Service Provider accepts that appointment, for the purpose of providing services regarding the sale and purchase of any Digital Asset offered for sale by the Seller as further described in the following provisions (hereinafter: the Mandate).

Article 3 - Obligations of the Service Provider as Mandatary

  1. The Service Provider shall fulfil its obligations making use of a Platform. 
  2. In case Seller and a Buyer agree on the sale and purchase of a certain Digital Asset for a certain Purchase Price, the Service Provider shall conclude the Agreement on behalf and in name of Seller and the relevant Buyer. 
  3. The Service Provider shall forward to Seller without delay the concluded Agreement and any ancillary agreement to which Seller is a party.
  4. In case the parties to an Agreement have agreed to make use of the Custodian for the transfer of one or more certain Digital Assets, the Service Provider shall transfer the Digital Asset to the Custodian upon conclusion of the Agreement, together with the Transfer Information provided to it by Seller and give any instruction to the Custodian is deems necessary for the execution of the sale and purchase of the Digital Asset(s).
  5. In case the parties to an Agreement have agreed to make use of the Custodian for the transfer of one or more certain Digital Assets , the Service Provider shall endeavour to collect the Purchase Price upon the transfer of the Digital Asset(s) to the Custodian.
  6. Upon receipt by the Service Provider of the Purchase Price, the Service Provider shall (i) provide Buyer, or – in case the services of the Custodian are being used – procure the Custodian to provide Buyer, with the Transfer Information for transferring the Digital Asset and (ii) transfer the Purchase Price minus the Fee to Seller. 

Article 4 - Obligations of Seller

  1. Seller shall accept and fulfil any and all Agreements and all reasonable ancillary agreements concluded by the Service Provider on behalf and in name of Seller, as well as any further reasonable actions taken by the Service Provider in the fulfilment of the Service Provider’s obligations under the Mandate. 

Article 5 - Fee

  1. The Service Provider shall invoice Seller the Fee for each Agreement as specified in the Terms & Conditions.
  2. The Service Provider shall be entitled to deduct the relevant Fee from the relevant Purchase Price. 

Article 6 - Indemnification 

Seller shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless and keep the Service Provider indemnified and held harmless against any and all claims, liability, loss, damage, cost, expense, fines, penalties or other sanction the Service Provider may suffer, sustain or incur which arise as a result of the Service Provider’s activities under the Mandate and any Agreement in the widest sense.

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