Buying domains made easy

Are you ready to purchase your perfect domain name? This guide outlines the simple and secure process of purchasing domain names from

Doron Vermaat

5 Minute read
5th February, 2024
Buying domains Getting started

Are you ready to purchase your perfect domain name? This guide outlines the simple and secure process of purchasing domain names from

Here, at Efty, we value security and convenience. Our marketplace operates with transparency and integrity, ensuring a smooth transaction for both buyer and seller.

1. Finding the Perfect Domain Name

Before diving into the buying process, you first need to find the domain name that perfectly encapsulates your brand. But how do you do that?

  1. Brainstorm: Start by jotting down words and phrases representing your business, services, or products. Does a particular word or phrase resonate with your brand? Keep it in mind.
  2. Search: Enter these words or phrases into the search bar on Our system will generate a list of available domain names related to your search.
  3. Choose: From the list, select the domain name that best reflects your brand. Remember, a domain name that is clear, concise, and easy to remember will always work wonders.

2. Making a Secure Payment

Found your perfect domain name? Great! Now it's time to secure your asset. At, we prioritize safe and secure transactions through our Efty Pay solution. But what does this process entail?

  1. Select your payment method: We accept a variety of secure payment options for your convenience, such as Bank Wire, Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, Google Pay, ApplePay, AliPay, and WeChatPay
  2. Complete the payment: Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Rest assured, all your financial details are encrypted and secured.
  3. Confirmation of your purchase: You will receive a confirmation email and invoice once your payment is successful.

3. The Domain Name Transfer Process

Once your payment has been received, it is time for the domain name to become officially yours through our hassle-free transfer process. Rest assured, when you secure a domain name through Efty Pay. You're automatically safeguarded by our Buyer Protection Program, outlined below.

  1. Efty Pay secures the domain name from the seller: Once your payment is secured, we work with the domain seller to transfer the domain name to us. We will pay out the seller only when Efty Pay has secured your domain name.
  2. Efty Pay facilitates the transfer of the domain name to you: Once we have secured the domain name, we provide you with personalized transfer instructions, offering assistance every step of the way to ensure a smooth transfer process.
  3. Confirmation of ownership change: You will receive a confirmation email once the domain name transfer has been completed. Congratulations, the perfect domain name is now yours!

So, why wait? Start your journey to secure your perfect domain name at today! We're here to make buying domain names easy and secure for you.